Billy Shannon

Acrylic on canvas
170 x 230cm


This painting combines several of Billy’s favourite themes:
The Fibonacci sequence, divine proportion and spiral construction. Also the myth of Icarus which deals with personal choice and decision making processes.
In this painting Icarus is making a choice between 3 paths. To stay on the horizon line/conscious level, where things are as they seem. To fly high into the supra consciousness, too close to the sun of truth where his wings will melt (his reality dissolve) and he’ll fall into the sea. Or to delve deep into the unending subconscious levels
Icarus is represented by a tiger moth, which is a moth found locally here in Brisbane. The obvious reference of a moth to a flame, meaning that although he does have choice, he will most likely choose an exuberant, destructive path.

The Icarus series went on for about 20 years, this is the last work that Billy have left from it.

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