A new concept in galleries

Sabrina Lauriston delivering works

Plexus Gallery is an online space, connecting a group of curated Brisbane-based artists with art lovers and collectors. There are so many talented independent artists out there not represented by physical galleries! We want to bring them all together, we want to create a vibrant creative community and share our passion for art and creativity, becoming a platform for nurturing creative life and thought. We want you to discover new artists and the work that will make your hearts sing! And we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Buying art online can be tricky. Who knows how accurate the colours are, can you trust your monitor? What if you don’t like it in life? You don’t have to worry about it any more. Our unique “View at Home Before You Buy” feature will bring your selected artworks to your office or home for viewing in your own environment and if needed help you with your choices.

For more information on this concept, see our Art to your home page..
In addition to this personalised service, we can refer the art lover to some of Brisbane’s best interior designers, picture framers and art installers.

Plexus Gallery spans the gap by providing independent artists with representation, our online gallery is augmented by organising ‘popup’ physical shows, both here in Brisbane and overseas.

Plexus means a network, a complex structure containing an intricate network of parts. And likewise, we are very interested in networking to nurture the visual arts life in Brisbane. We will therefore be instigating several strategies to promote Brisbane arts, other galleries and independent artists’ initiatives. Our main philosophy is that by working together, we can all benefit from a stronger and more varied artistic milieu.