Welcome to our first foray into a new way of presenting art!

Opening on 19th August!

New beautiful work by Plexus artists and some very special guests!

Plexus Gallery artists: Sona Babajanyan, Peter Breen, Renata Buziak, Emma Gardner, Travis D. Hendrix, Sabrina Lauriston, Meredith Macleod, Chris Macpherson, Eryn Mark, Carol Schwarzman, Billy Shannon, Belinda Sinclair

Guest artists: Jordan Azcune, Helle Cook, Lisa Kurtz, Thomas More, Henri van Noordenburg, Anna Ryan, Tamara Whyte

For Brisbane art lovers and collectors: Take advantage of our  “View at Home Before You Buy” feature!
When you select the work you love, we can deliver it to your home or office to see live on your walls!