All the bees are [not] dying

Peter Breen - Solo Exhibition OPENING NIGHT: July 24th, Friday 6pm at Mayne Line Gallery and Studio This body of work is mark-made observations of and connections with the environment that I live and move through along the East coast of Australia – from Brisbane to Melbourne.  I present them not as a scientist, botanist, zoologist, arborist or apiarist but as an observer, drawer, artist and natural world lover. I present them as part of the reflective conversation so many are having. COVID-19 has inundated us while the effect of climate change and global warming has been given scant attention, though being very much alive and affecting. Creating context In these drawings and relief prints, I am pursuing a deeper understanding of the environment, its life cycles, its layers of interdependence and the effect of climate change on these cycles. The sources for the final ink drawings of the Australian flora are widespread but have been drawn primarily in places along the East coast of Australia from Brisbane to Goomburra and south to Melbourne over the past 2 years. Most of the marks are blind contour drawings made in small hard backed journals with 2B - 8B Staedtler graphite pencils.…

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