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Plexus Gallery – a new model in galleries which brings art to the art lover – even during the widespread lockdown!

Brisbane, Fri, 24 April 2020 – Brisbane’s newest art galleries, Plexus Gallery has developed a new gallery model which aims to connect Brisbane-based artists with one another and with buyers and art lovers through its online experience and innovative delivery service.

Plexus Gallery co-founders Ms Sona Babajanyan and Mr Billy Shannon said the new model allows them to fully function during the current challenging situation.

“Our model is somewhere between bricks and mortar galleries, online galleries, and delivery services like Uber Eats, combining the benefits of an online platform with a unique in-situ viewing service, which improves the experience of discovering and purchasing art,” Mr Shannon said.

“Buying art online can be tricky and we want to make it as easy, enjoyable and risk-free as possible. Our model gives buyers a chance to select artwork and see it in their home or office before purchasing, so they can see how the work looks in real life.

“We started the development of the gallery in this model in November 2019 and were due to have a launch exhibition on 27 March with our inaugural pop-up show at Bib’n’Brace Collective, but with recent worldwide events, that has become an impossibility.

“However, we are happy that we can still bring art to peoples’ homes. And we are happy to see that people are responding. We believe that art today is needed more than ever,” Mr Shannon said.

Plexus Gallery presents a diverse selection of visually compelling and thought-provoking works in various mediums – all showcasing a high degree of skill. It is planned to take on more artists in the coming months.

“There are so many talented independent artists out there not represented by physical galleries. We want to create a vibrant creative community and share our passion for art and creativity,” Mr Shannon said.

Plexus means a network or an interwoven combination of parts or elements in a system. We want to support, network, and grow with independent visual artists as a community by providing non-exclusive representation through our online space, as well as pop-up shows in physical spaces in Brisbane and internationally,” Mr Shannon said.

Plexus Gallery has already confirmed its participation in the 2021 Armenia Art Fair and is currently organising an exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic, for mid-2021.

Mr Shannon said Plexus Gallery was designed to be flexible and accessible, and that it offered a range of additional services, such as art-related advice and consultation, and referrals to Brisbane’s best framers, interior designers, and art hanging services.

The following artists are currently exhibiting their work with Plexus Gallery: Sona Babajanyan, Peter Breen, Renata Buziak, Travis D. Hendrix, Sabrina Lauriston, Meredith Macleod, Chris MacPherson, Eryn Mark, Katrine McLeod, Carol Schwarzman, Billy Shannon, Emma Gardner and Belinda Sinclair.

Anyone interested in finding out more can visit, email [email protected], follow Plexus Gallery on Instagram – or Facebook –


Media Contact: Billy Shannon | [email protected] | 0481255984