Featured Artist – Meredith Macleod

Our featured artist for June is a Tasmanian born artist now residing in Brisbane. Meredith specialises in drawing, intaglio etching and artist books. Meredith has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Griffith University (2013) and on her graduation was awarded The Griffith University Medal for the highest achieving student in the Bachelor Degree and The Trevor Lyons Award for Print Media.

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Mutual Intent

Chris Macpherson will be participating in Mutual Intent, a group exhibition curated by The Third Quarter and Yeti. Featuring 58 Artists, Mutual Intent is a powerful exhibition concept showcasing the unique talent and diversity of the Brisbane creative community in a series of works that celebrates cross-disciplinary talent. The exhibition launches at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Wednesday, 16 June as part of The Design Conference and will run until Sunday, June 20. Escape by Chris Macpherson & Samir Hamaiel

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Celestial Bodies: Approaching a Poetics of Sleep

by Carol Schwarzman https://polycentrica.com/2019/01/17/celestial-bodies-approaching-a-poetics-of-sleep/ Dark Matter – Shannon Berry-Bam (2017), Acrylic on canvas, 102x153cm. All photos courtesy the artist. Billy Shannon’s Sleep Series gently exalts the meeting of the body with the ethereal world of slumber. For him, this part-corporeal, part-supernatural coupling forms a bridge with the infinite and the stuff of galaxies and nebulae. Asleep, we enter a phantasmagorical universe as vital to survival as waking life. And even while the body’s weighty physicality is the foundation for our existence – during slumber, we cross over into an emotional sphere not bound by rules of somatic logic, reason or fact. Master of Circus – Rudi Mineur (2016), Acrylic on canvas, 97x97cm. Here, Shannon’s primary preoccupation as an artist is to stretch the material limitations of paint – to conjure up a portrait of a specific sleeper experiencing that paradoxical mix of visuals and affect, phantasm and healing operating within dreams. He creates poetry from prismatic colour, expressive brushwork and layers of glazing to speak about how, for all dreamers, “the physical self dissolves,” into the vast theatre of the unconscious mind. Clearly, he has closely studied the painting techniques of Romantics like Delacroix, Géricault and Turner: his painterly emphasis on each sleeper’s internalised…

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All the bees are [not] dying

Peter Breen - Solo Exhibition OPENING NIGHT: July 24th, Friday 6pm at Mayne Line Gallery and Studio This body of work is mark-made observations of and connections with the environment that I live and move through along the East coast of Australia – from Brisbane to Melbourne.  I present them not as a scientist, botanist, zoologist, arborist or apiarist but as an observer, drawer, artist and natural world lover. I present them as part of the reflective conversation so many are having. COVID-19 has inundated us while the effect of climate change and global warming has been given scant attention, though being very much alive and affecting. Creating context In these drawings and relief prints, I am pursuing a deeper understanding of the environment, its life cycles, its layers of interdependence and the effect of climate change on these cycles. The sources for the final ink drawings of the Australian flora are widespread but have been drawn primarily in places along the East coast of Australia from Brisbane to Goomburra and south to Melbourne over the past 2 years. Most of the marks are blind contour drawings made in small hard backed journals with 2B - 8B Staedtler graphite pencils.…

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‘Wildish’ Emma Gardner at Redlands Art Gallery

Congratulations to Emma Gardner on 'Wildish', her solo show at Redlands Art Gallery in March and April, this year!Wildish is a curious enquiry into the human condition that she frames within paganistic ritual and folklore tales Emma uses process driven, laborious techniques, including drawing, trace-monotype and stitch and in her exhibition, visitors moved through hand embroidered and machine stitched imagery with life-size cyanotype monogram prints of her own body. Click here to watch the artist talk/walkthrough

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Renata Buziak at Head On Photo Festival!

Listen to Renata's artist talk for her 'Medicinal Plant Cycles' online solo exhibition with Head On Photo Festival Renata Buziak's exhibition includes images of healing, edible plants and tea trees used as an insect repellent and antiseptic for treating various health conditions. These images were developed by a fusion of organic and photographic materials in the process of natural decomposition, revealing what is usually invisible to the eye; the biological chemical progression of decay and degeneration. It reveals beauty in decomposition and raises notions of transformative cycles.Renata Buziak is a photo-media artist, educator and researcher, who is passionate about physically engaging nature and organic processes in her interdisciplinary art practice. Her practice builds on alternative and experimental photography; including intercultural and art-science research, and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Renata’s recent PhD studio research focused on local Australian healing plants significant to the Quandamooka Peoples of Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally and received many awards. Click here to view the exhibition Click here for the artist talkMay 9th, 2020 5:00 PM through 5:30 PM

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A new concept in galleries

Plexus Gallery is an online space, connecting a group of curated Brisbane-based artists with art lovers and collectors. There are so many talented independent artists out there not represented by physical galleries! We want to bring them all together, we want to create a vibrant creative community and share our passion for art and creativity, becoming a platform for nurturing creative life and thought. We want you to discover new artists and the work that will make your hearts sing! And we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Buying art online can be tricky. Who knows how accurate the colours are, can you trust your monitor? What if you don’t like it in life? You don’t have to worry about it any more. Our unique “View at Home Before You Buy” feature will bring your selected artworks to your office or home for viewing in your own environment and if needed help you with your choices. For more information on this concept, see our Art to your home page.. In addition to this personalised service, we can refer the art lover to some of Brisbane’s best interior designers, picture framers and art installers. Plexus Gallery spans…

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