Work in Progress, Beth (Ferny Hills)


Renata Buziak

Archival pigment on paper, 1/9
Image size 39 x 27.4cm

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To create Work in Progress, Beth (Ferny Hills), Renata Buziak uses an experimental photographic process that she developed and called the biochrome. This process fuses plant samples and photographic emulsions over a period of time, allowing organic decomposition to transform both materials into new, abstract, yet often accurately depicted, images of plants. Gardens play a significant role in the lives of many people. A garden can stimulate peace and tranquility, provide fruit and vegetables seasonally, or a place for family gatherings, and social events. It can encourage a connection to nature, whilst prompting a sense of pride and achievement for its owner. This work is from the ‘Habitat’ series focusing on gardens of the Pine Rivers area north of Brisbane.

“I want to create a nice pleasant area to go out into. I like to plant it so that it looks nice. Like in the front I’ve tried to stick to blues and whites and yellows, although one of the trees turned out to be pink – that I thought was white. I want to have a nice harmonious sort of area so that if you do like to go outside and sit it’s pleasant.” – Beth

Work in Progress, Beth (Ferny Hills) features in Renata’s solo exhibition Revisiting Pine Rivers Gardens in Biochromes

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