vampyre of the waters by Aureole

Artist proof fine art print
original painting watercolour n acrylic on wood
Framed print – 38cm x  38cmm

As this exhibition is finished, please contact us for availability and price if you are interested in this work [email protected]


 I’m Aureole, born in Auckland, New Zealand, and residing in Brisbane, Australia. I’m a practicing artist and tattooist, a lover of life and death, light and dark. My art and tattoo practice are influenced by artistic and musical parents, art in all capacities and life experience. This practice has spanned 20yrs plus.. I’ve attended various art institutions, exhibit regularly and try to maintain a harmonious life of art, travel, love, fun, gigs, yoga, foods, wine and tequila. ⚡️👻⚡️

  • I’m constantly inspired thanks to travelling,  the ace peeps I’ve met, played and worked with, the support of my partner, friends, family.. and the underground punk/rock/gothic subcultures – creating a strong contemporary portfolio.
  •  My styles are varied and bounce between mythos female portraiture to a more graphic nature, illustration and text
  • I love to blend art deco design simplicity and macabre beauty aesthetics with themes of mythology, death, witchcraft, and ritual… all with my signature red and black palette.

My practice is a mixed media of painting (acrylic/ watercolour/inks )and drawing on various supports.. generally with a limited palette of reds and blacks.. stemmming from my tattoo practice.
I combined graphic semi-realism portraiture with a gothic twist,  using themes of mythology/ ethos/ dark romanticism

Instagram- @aureoletattoo

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