Billy Shannon

Acrylic on canvas
71 x 61cm


Painted with a brevity of strokes, Billy Shannon captures the essence of Tiffany, a dancer who happened to be passing through Brisbane and had heard about Billy’s sleep series,  massage and art work via a friend and wanted to become involved.

This acrylic painting, titled ‘Tiffany’ by Billy Shannon, is a dynamic portrayal of a dancer captured in a moment of rest. The artist’s command of colour and form transforms the canvas into a vibrant tableau, alive with the motion and grace inherent in the dancer’s repose. Tiffany, a transient visitor in Brisbane, was drawn to the Sleep series through the shared experiences of the artistic community. Her inclusion in the series comes to life through Shannon’s expressive brushwork.

The background’s vivid yellow hue bathes the subject in a warm glow, reminiscent of the sun’s first light. It serves as a stark contrast to the figure’s earthy tones, mirroring the dichotomy between the energy of dance and the tranquillity of sleep. The piece’s composition is a testament to the dancer’s vitality and the inherent stillness of rest, capturing the essence of Tiffany’s spirit and the fleeting nature of her visit.

‘Tiffany’ encapsulates a narrative of serendipity, the shared human experience of connection through art, and the beauty of moments that, like a dance, are here and then gone. Through this work, Shannon continues to explore the diverse themes of his Sleep series, delving into the realms of subconsciousness, dreams, and the silent stories told in the stillness of sleep.

Also created with a brevity of strokes are Sleeper and Jag – Sonnet 54 from the sleep series.

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