Strange Horseman – V2


Sona Babajanyan

Unique edition archival print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper
Digital original, based on a graphite and ink original composition
Image, 21cm x 21cm, Framed:30cm x 30 cm
$1000 for the set of four


“Is it just one Strange Horseman, or four different ones? Can you even see a horseman here?” The four pieces in this series are interpretations of the same black-and-white original composition. Same figure, same event, same background – four different perceptions, memories, and reports.

Sona Babajanyan’s ” Strange Horseman” confronts us with these questions, challenging our perception and inviting us to explore the fluidity of form and meaning. This quadriptych, a complex interplay of the same image seen through different lenses, mirrors the multifaceted nature of our own existence. Each variation, a distinct interpretation of the original composition, evokes unique emotions and narratives, urging the observer to consider the power of perspective. In this series, the ‘horseman’ becomes a vessel for introspection—a symbol that morphs and melds into the background of our collective consciousness, revealing the diversity of our inner landscapes.

You can see Sona Babajanyan’s Strange Horseman in her solo online exhibition Whispers and Waves

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