Sometimes by Christine Spedding

Ink on Archival Paper
Unframed – 73cm x 57cm

Framed – floated in black frame 93cm x 74cm

As this exhibition is finished, please contact us for availability and price if you are interested in this work [email protected]



Christine Spedding uses her art as a voice for her Asperger’s to express complex emotions that she feels are hard to put into words.
For Christine, the feelings and emotions are so overwhelming, she holds herself in these positions till she can feel the weight and pain, then expresses them within an artistic format. This will often for Christine lead to an understanding and comprehension of these feelings.
Christine is currently completing a ‘Bachelor of Art and Design’ at Southern Cross University in Lismore NSW.

Sometimes’ is part of a series of eight works delving into mental health.

“As artists, we sometimes tap deeply into our own feelings and experiences to reach a place of honesty when we create works. This can sometimes trigger our own issues and often our art will reflect and respond to those issues.
My work delves into how we often push down and suppress our emotions, seemingly forever binding ourselves tightly within our own constraints. Hiding within ourselves till we never seem to be able to look outside our own bindings.  Eventually, this self-restraint eases and the bandages begin to loosen.”









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