Billy Shannon

Acrylic on Canvas
97 x 97cm



The sleeper series has been going for nearly 6 years now, involving dancers, acrobats, actors and visual artists.

“Sleeping figures, wrapped around a dream. The subjects of these paintings seem caught between the very skeins of the paint; wrapped within the gauzy sheets of the image’s layers.
If they are, in part, portraits, they are also evocations of states-of-being. Captured in repose, they dream in the shadowy spaces of half-realms, suspended between the between the here and the not-here.
The dreaming subjects in these paintings have entered this state of being willingly. In delivering themselves into the hands of the artist’s other-role as a masseur, they allow themselves to be lulled into sleep – suspended into a kind of temporary trance, they become the willing subjects of the artist’s other-role as a painter.”
– Pat Hoffie 2018

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