She found herself through the endurance (Handless Maiden)


Emma Gardner

Cyanotype, Hand Stitched Silver Thread, Oil Stick, Linocut on Salvaged Indian Textiles
Temporarily not for sale as this work has been selected as a finalist in the Gosford Art Prize
please contact us if you’d like more details
Photo Credit: Thomas Oliver



Using the German folklore tale, The Handless Maiden as a reference point. I implicate my figure as both author and subject in this work, to complicate the relationship between truth and fiction and subvert some of its grand narratives.
Emma Gardner is an inter-disciplinary artist whose practice is based in drawing. She loves to use process driven, laborious techniques and experiment with a variety of textiles. Her work is a curious enquiry into the human condition that she frames within paganistic ritual or folklore tales.

Through the practice of drawing her work engages with process, labour and self-portraiture to comment on the human condition. She references the witch archetype and folklore tales to engage with ideas about ritual, ceremony, and a re-connection to nature, self and spirit.

Gardner has exhibited in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin. She has carried out residencies and research in India, England, Spain and South Africa and held an exhibition in Vienna, Austria. Gardner is the recipient of Australian Government research and Arts Queensland grants. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from Queensland Colleague of Art in 2016.

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