Serpentine Whispers


Sona Babajanyan

Limited edition of 10
Archival gallery quality print on 308 GSM Hahnemühle 100% cotton rag.
Digital composition
29.7 x 42 cm

9 in stock


Serpentine Whispers opens a window to an ancient story, where we can eavesdrop on a conversation between the ages—primal and hushed. Sona has created a world where myth meets flesh, and the dance between them is as old as time. The intimate connection between the woman and the snake beckons us to listen to the subtle whispers that slide beneath our awareness, the kind of knowledge that coils and uncoils within the hidden chambers of our psyche. Looking at this, you feel like you’re in on a secret as old as time, wrapped in a mystery that’s both beautiful and a little bit dangerous. The whole piece feels like a fragment from a dream that’s both haunting and sacred. 

Serpentine Whispers features in Sona’s solo exhibition Whispers and Waves

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