Sona Babajanyan

Limited edition of 10
Archival gallery quality print on 308 GSM Hahnemühle 100% cotton rag.
Digital composition
29.7 x 42 cm

10 in stock


In Sona Babajanyan’s Samsara, the figure embodies the transient yet perpetual cycle of nature’s give and take. She is not only on the earth but of it, a momentary personification of the cycle of life—growing, embracing, and returning. As she rises from the soil, she cradles the essence of existence, the fragments of life that have emerged from and will return to the earth. The artwork captures the poetry of the natural cycle, the dance between creation and dissolution, where she is both a participant and a symbol of the earth itself – here for a moment but somehow timeless.

Sona Babajanyan’s Samsara features in Sona’s solo exhibition Whispers and Waves


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