Patched #5


Sona Babajanyan

Mixed media collage on board
46 cm x 60 cm
Unframed, ready to hang


Patched #5 by Sona Babajanyan is part of a series where each piece stands as a testament to resilience and rebirth. Sona Babajanyan crafts abstracted portraits from the remnants of her past creations, constructing a visual narrative around the themes of fragmentation and reassembly. These textured collages are a poignant commentary on the human condition—the inevitable experience of disintegration and the instinctual drive towards reconstruction. In “Patched,” the act of tearing apart is not one of destruction, but a step towards creating something new and whole. It is an exploration of how we piece together the shards of our experiences to form a mosaic that tells a new story, reflecting our continuous evolution and the beauty of enduring change.

“Patched is a series of heavily textured mixed-media collages, where I use torn-off pieces of my older works to create abstracted portraits, trying to express and capture the idea of loss of wholeness and disintegration and the desire to rearrange the disparate fragments into some new wholeness.”

You can see Sona Babajanyan’s Patched #5 in her solo online exhibition Whispers and Waves


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