Papillon Malade by Kareen Adam


pencil and colour pencil on paper
16 x 13 cm, 20 x 25 cm (frame size)



Kareen is a Maldivian-Australian visual artist based in Melbourne. The experience of living between multiple cultures, particularly negotiating between the East and the West informs her practice. Ideas about transitions, cultural identity, and the juncture between ‘local’ and the ‘visitor’ emerge in her work. Kareen explores these ideas using various mediums including printmaking, drawing, painting, digital media and video. Kareen has exhibited in Maldives, Australia, and Hong Kong and has a work included in the State Library of Queensland collection.
Kareen has background in psychology and mental health, a Diploma in Visual Arts from the Southbank Institute of Technology, Brisbane, and recently completed a Master of Creative Industries from Melbourne Polytechnic.

“I have a very board creative practice which includes drawings, painting, photos, videos and craft works, mostly inspired by textures, corals, psychology and social issues. I love exploring new mediums as a way of communicating my ideas and stories. I am passionate about sharing other artists’ works which has drawn me into curating and collaborating in various projects in both Australia and Maldives. I also I make handmade products under the moniker Kudaingili and love karaoke.

Papillon Malade is part of a series of drawings created while receiving treatment for thyroid cancer. In a macabre way I enjoy watching the images flash across the radiologists’ screen as they conduct ultrasounds, looking for signs of illness. In the end, I said goodbye to my thyroid gland and swallowed a radioactive pill. And life goes on.

Instagram: @krunchykaree


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