Nocturnes of the Deep


Sona Babajanyan

Limited edition of 10
Archival gallery quality print on 308 GSM Hahnemühle 100% cotton rag.
Digital composition
29.7 x 42 cm

10 in stock


Sona Babajanyan’s ‘Nocturnes of the Deep’ delves into the deep waters of our internal shadowy ocean. This work explores the fluidity of our inner lives, where light and dark blend, revealing the depth and complexity of our innermost space. Here, emotions and memories swirl, reflecting the ever-changing nature of our internal world. ‘Nocturnes of the Deep’ invites you to dive into this introspective journey, to see the beauty and richness that lie beneath the surface of our everyday consciousness.

Nocturnes of the Deep features in Sona’s solo exhibition Whispers and Waves

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