Mountains of Gold – Quamby Bluff, Tasmania


Billy Shannon

Acrylic on Canvas
122 x 76cm


Painted memories of a beautiful place and time, done from drawings and reference photos taken when I lived in the mountain valley, Jackey’s Marsh on and off over a period of about 10 years late last century. I was constantly stunned by the contrast in the beauty of Jackey’s Marsh compared to where I was born in The Bronx, New York.

This is Quamby as the snow comes in, as seen from Jackey’s Marsh Rd.. For me, Quamby Bluff has an almost mystic beauty as it rises separate from the Western Tiers, forming a cradle for the heart filled mountain valley, known as Jackey’s Marsh

On another level, the Mountains of Gold series, painted in golds and some gold leaf, questions where the ‘gold’ is in the environment. Is it in the innate beauty and essential life of nature or is it in what we can pilfer from the natural world? Quamby Bluff in Jackey’s Marsh has been a site of a very long running battle against the logging of old growth forests and so far has stood strong against our sea of greed.

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