Sona Babajanyan

Limited edition of 5 in each size
Archival print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper
Digital composition, based on original graphite drawings, 2022


Sona Babajanyan’s Lucid presents a moment of clarity and self-awareness, where individual consciousness seems to emerge from a collective pool. The central figure is sharply defined against a backdrop that swirls with the kaleidoscopic dance of life, reflecting our interconnected stories. Here, separation is an illusion—although the figure stands out, it remains inseparably part of the whole. Sona captures a moment of recognition, realizing the self’s connection to the myriad forms from which it arises and with which it is intimately intertwined.

Sona Babajanyan’s work is an ongoing exploration of a human being’s inner world, her attempts to bring without what lies within.
Lucid features in Sona’s solo exhibition Whispers and Waves

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