Leaving Behind

Sona Babajanyan

Acrylic collage on board
40.6 x 50.8 cm
Unframed, ready to hang


Sona Babajanyan’s ‘Leaving Behind’ captures the essence of change. Through textured layers and a muted palette, this artwork tells a story of release and renewal. The figure, both fragmented and whole, symbolizes a quiet departure from the past. It’s a visual representation of moving on, depicted not with fanfare, but with the silent strength of one who has faced their history and chosen to step forward.

Though “Leaving Behind” has already found its place in a collection, its presence in the exhibition offers a universal narrative of change. It invites viewers to engage in a silent dialogue with the tangible remnants of their own metamorphosis and the intangible memories that linger. This artwork is a reminder of the beauty of letting go, marking a path forward into uncharted waters of self-discovery and renewal.

See Sona Babajanyan’s ‘Leaving Behind’ in her solo online exhibition Whispers and Waves

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