Latin 2A by Wayne Churcher

Composite woodcut, 1/1
Ink on Fabriano 5, 300gsm paper
Image size: 55x63cm
As this exhibition is finished, please contact us for availability and price if you are interested in this work [email protected]



Wayne Churcher is a visual artist interested in signs, process and perception. Most of his work could be considered postmodernist. He collaborates with computer programs to develop key forms, which are then manipulated in various ways with ‘hands-on’ methods.  He also examines the lines between mediums.

Latin 2A is part of the ‘Codamorphology’ series. Examining the aesthetics of maths, a program was constructed to create latin squares (of which sudoku is a subset). These codes were used to create composite woodcuts of a visual 6 ‘letter’ alphabet.

Wayne lives and works in New Zealand
Website: /
Instagram: @waynechurcher
Facebook: wonderdog999

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