Is This and Yes iv


Chris Macpherson

Digital Print on Photo Rag Pearl. Edition 1/3
120 x 170mm (200 x 270mm, with frame)

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Chris Macpherson’s photographic and video works draw from the artist’s own musings on memory and identity, using interlaced imagery to highlight the fragmentation of human experience and challenge the authority of linear narratives. In this series Macpherson overlays stills from an unfinished video work to reconstruct a dream. The protagonist is a displaced stranger, at once a seemingly familiar phantasm yet also anonymous and unacquainted. The pixellation of Macpherson’s images relates directly to the vulnerability of memory. The artist likens the pursuit for clear memory to the process of tuning an old TV.

‘Through the static images appear, capturing a new reality caught between the known and the unknown.’
Chris Macpherson

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