Travis D. Hendrix

Watercolour, Ink, Gouache on Old Drafting Paper
42 x56 cm unframed




I was at a house sale (not selling houses), think of a garage sale but within both garages and throughout the entire house (the owner had passed). In the cellar was lots of old, cobweb and dust-covered pieces of somebodies life. Amongst it all was a roll of stiff, brown papers. When I unrolled it, it was a collection of drafting drawings from a student of Leipzig university dated around 1919-1924. The paper itself had held up well as it was a good quality drafting paper (some even watermarked) that would be equivalent to a medium weight watercolour paper today. I worked over the top of the drawings, allowing the underlines of the students work to influence my lines. The folds, tears and general wear are its scars of Time.

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