hypnoscapes XXII

Eryn Mark

Watercolour and gouache on paper (unframed)
13 x 9cm

A note on shipping
As there are participants from all over the world in Art for Armenia, prices do not include shipping.
So please email us at [email protected] if you would like this artwork and we will arrange the best shipping option with you.
If both the artist and the buyer are in Brisbane, we will deliver the work for free!


Eryn Mark has a long fascination with art that has connection to ritual, to tradition, to the mystical, and to non-dogmatic spirituality. This fascination feeds an inquiry into the union of sacred and profane within the everyday. Attempting to address ‘the interconnectedness of all things’ is fundamental when developing the aesthetic of his craft.

This latest series of works on paper, hypnoscapes, is an investigation involving an almost meditative state of repetitive circular layering. This process reveals a deep intense relationship between shades of colours and while remaining open to interpretation by the viewer acknowledges an innate enhanced harmony.

These unframed works are part of a series of 24 pieces titled ‘hypnoscapes’ – 10 of which were exhibited in Kunstkomplex+Mennuni, Basel, Switzerland

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