Hiding Place

Henri van Noordenburg

Hand Carved ink on Hahnemühle
edition 1/1
220 x 40 cm



Hiding Place 2017 is an artwork from my ‘when a memory becomes a story or a story a memory’ series.

Hiding Place is based on stories from the Second World War told to me by members of my family in the Netherlands. This work examines how personal history becomes blurred from the first-hand experience and how it is remembered and then re-told.

The artwork combines two techniques; one the photographic image and the other is the narrative created by hand carving the print.

The hiding place in the photographic image is a replica of a dwelling used by Jews and the Dutch resistance. By hand carving into the paper I extend the landscape to look as I imagined, further blurring the lines between memories and stories.

Bowness Photography Prize finalist