Glance of Brahma


Billy Shannon

Acrylic on Canvas
1700 x 2400mm


All our lives, histories and dreams are but a moment in the passing glance of Brahma.
When looking at both the size and lifespan of the planetary nebula known variously as the Eye of God, Helix or NGC 7293 it is easy to imagine the minute space that we occupy in the universe. If Brahma creates by looking, I wonder how many galaxies are formed in a glance, or in a breath?
Redon’s Cyclops came up when painting this work, I love the almost startled innocence of Polyphemus as he stumbles across the naiad, Galatea, counterpointed with Redon’s forebodings of war and loss. Looking into the heavens, we are filled with dreams and associations perceived in forms of earthbound clouds, in the dust of the universe and our perspective of the visible stars. It is the source of so many of our mythologies.

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