Ego #23 – Flipping back


Sabrina Lauriston

Digital Print on Entrada Photo Rag 300GSM
Edition 1/5
150 x 150mm (290 x 290mm, with matt)

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Ego is an artistic project that explores a new field in the self-portrait of photography. Sabrina Lauriston is interested in using pinhole colour photography to analyze and understand her own Ego to represent the true nature of her real emotions.

In psychology, the Ego, the ego is that instance which has the task of mediating drives and social needs and is therefore responsible for contact and for relations with reality, both internal and external. The ego organizes and manages environmental motivations and it is the main mediator of awareness: it is the central manager of all psychic activities, which turns towards itself and towards the external environment, generating awareness of oneself and of reality. The ego is, therefore, the seat of gender identity, will and personality. The ego is therefore essential for the structuring of one’s own identity and the affirmation of oneself.

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