Bloom 2 by Miranda Costa

Watercolour, gouache, on 300 gsm watercolour paper, unframed
34 cm x 24.5 cm

As this exhibition is finished, please contact us for availability and price if you are interested in this work [email protected]


Through the petals the rain drops.

Miranda Costa is a designer and artist based in Victoria (Australia) who works with both traditional and digital mediums. Miranda’s dreamlike works reflect on aspects of life while celebrating colour and form. Taking inspiration from nature, especially gardens, representations are reduced to motifs, often abstracted disproportionately.

“My creative practice is of the personal, and one of trust. To trust in ideas as they surface. Inspiration often comes from natural landscapes – the textures, the colours, and the forms. Observations interwoven with emotive connections. Frequently working with traditional mediums including watercolour, ink, pencil and gouache on paper, with digital creation recently embraced alongside. Colour is exaggerated in its vibrancy, a play with harmony and friction.”

Instagram: @mcdrawn








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