Blessings of the Blithesome (original)


Peter Breen

Framed original work – mixed media on non-archival encyclopedia pages
620 x 550 mm


Peter is drawn to reflections on culture, community and the deteriorating effect of global warming and climate change. In each of these works, Peter attempts to state his felt response to the moments experienced and to leave the viewer with an invitation.

As a grandfather of 9 I am blessed, even though that word is overused in modern parlance. In a world that views its news on a kind of hand held heroine addiction device, I have found the alternative comforting to an indescribable degree. A child cradled in my arms, “blithesome” and unaware of both the violence and the news carriage service that delivers a heaviness in the heart never known on such a scale across the world before, I find another parallel universe. From the corner of my blues the children of my children are as a drip feed of hope and eternal joy.

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