Bees-8 (from the 2021 Beehive Frames series)


Peter Breen

Limited edition digital prints on 380 Hahnemühle Photo Cotton Rag Paper
Edition of 20
380 x 160mm


20 in stock


In this body of work, I have decided to represent some of my observations and connections with the environment I live and move through along the East coast of Australia -from Brisbane to Melbourne.

In these drawings and relief prints I am pursuing a deeper understanding of the environment, its life cycles, its layers of interdependence and the effect of climate change on these cycles. I am wanting to represent the sense of danger around such predictions as “10 More Harvests”. In all of this I am constantly drawn to the beauty of the form of flora and fauna.

I am particularly interested in the effect of climate change on the lives and habits of bees. There is a growing research based concern around these animals and how they are being effected by insecticides and a worldwide warming climate. I am new to this inquiry and have begun connecting with this fascinating world through a range of references including artist Libby Hayward, Helen Jukes book “A Honey Bee Heart Has Five Openings” and the online site: Aussiebees. I am pursuing information around sustainability of bees, what is being done to enhance this and what can be done at the local suburban level. Many people are now hosting their own hives in their suburban back yards. Is this a good idea? Perhaps there will be some awareness raised around these glorious animals, our dependence on them in food chain production and, in the light of climate change, their apparent plight.
The beauty of the world I drive and walk through is wonderful. “It’s a beautiful world”

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