Are we Hologram


Billy Shannon

Acrylic and gold leaf on board with frame

114 x 157 cm


In ‘Are we Hologram’ Billy Shannon explores the enigmatic notion of a holographic universe and the concept of lambda as the cosmological constant. The interplay of colours, enriched with gold leaf, illustrates the diversity of these universes, each one a holographic echo of the larger whole, embodying the Buddhist principles of emptiness and interdependence.

The routed circles on the board mark out formed and semiformed universes in a bubbling multiverse, some teeming with life, others desolate, with the central, gold-leaf adorned circle representing our own vibrant cosmos. This painting ponders the shape, structure, and tangibility of our universe, inspired by theories surrounding de Sitter space and its connection to conformal field theory. These theories suggest our universe may be a holographic projection from a lower-dimensional reality. In Buddhist terms, illusionary.

Billy says, “As an artist and meditator, the nature of reality endlessly fascinates me. This artwork represents my quest to unravel these mysteries, offering a visual reflection on the essence of reality as it intertwines ancient wisdom and modern scientific thought.”

As well as ‘Are we Hologram’, Billy Shannon adds ‘Anthropic Universe’ to the Histories of the Universe series which he started developing in 2023 while working of a painting of a sleeping astrophysicist




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