Anna Kalachyan

Acrylic Ink on Paper
61 x 46cm 

As this exhibition is finished, please contact us for availability and price if you are interested in this work [email protected]


I’m an Armenian-American artist born and raised in Los Angeles. While I’m self-taught, I am a fourth generation artist that grew up around art my entire life and has been inspired by every artist around me. In a world that often leaves me feeling anxious, apathetic, and frustrated, my artistic process allows me to be the best version of myself — through exploration of new mediums, my subsconscious, my feelings towards fellow humans and my own intentions I become someone who is focused, creative, passionate, diligent, hopeful, connected and calm. I strive to bring the same feelings to those viewing my art.

Creativity is often bound by the limitations we, others, and society puts on ourselves so I strive to be ever-evolving, ever-questioning, ever-exploring and ever-learning. As I evolve so does my artistic process – I explore different textures, grounds, materials and color palettes. Even pieces within the same series can change significantly from piece to piece. New series are an evolution of a previous one. Not only is this representative of my own self-evolution, but it signifies the experiences of generations before me because all of their collective moments come together to create the person I am.

Website: www.annakalachyan.art
Instagram @annakalachyan

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