Call for artists
We will be adding work throughout the run of the fundraiser! So jump in!

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone in every corner of the globe. On Sept 27th, while the world was trying to deal with their own problems, Azerbaijan launched a planned large-scale attack on Armenian republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Backed by Turkish military support, including foreign terrorists, and violating international conventions and ceasefire, they are targeting schools, hospitals, churches, journalists and the civilian population in flagrant violation of human rights, in the overt desire for the ethnic cleansing of Armenians from their ancestral homeland. Armenians in Artsakh and Armenia, vastly outnumbered by the aggressors, are fighting today on their own for their right to live in their indigenous lands and exist as a nation. The world is silent. Who needs another problem? Who cares?

In response to Armenia’s current situation, Plexus Gallery and artist Joanna Kambourian (featured image) are initiating an online exhibition to raise funds that will go directly to victims of this war. We are reaching out to you in the hope you would like to be involved and show your support by donating your artwork/s to the show. Plexus Gallery will not take any commission on the sales and is donating all its proceeds to the charity, while artists will retain 20% of the sales. Funds raised from artwork sales will be going to Insurance Foundation for Soldiers, aiming to help families of the soldiers who died during this war.

About the process

Thanks so much for your interest in taking part in Art for Armenia with us! We would really appreciate if you make your submission as soon as possible, so we can show your work for as long as possible.
To speed things along, please send us these details so we can keep track of everything and present your work as best as possible! They may not all be necessary but the more that’s there, the more ways we may be able to promote your work.
The email to send this to is [email protected]

Name that you produce art by
Address (or at least country and postcode)
Phone number
Web address
A short bio (about 100 words)
Perhaps something about your creativity (about 100 words)

For each work
Photos of the work(s) no more than 2000px on any side
Dimensions in cm
Price (excluding shipping)
Approximate weight and dimensions of the works packaged for delivery.
This is in case you and/or the buyer are outside Brisbane we’ll coordinate the delivery price and methods with them. If you are both in Brisbane, we can just pick up the work from you and deliver it for free.
Please tell us about each artwork (about 100 words) if you wish

It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure professional and safe packaging and delivery of the artwork.

Payments for the works and ultimately to the charity and artist will go through Plexus Gallery, with the funds being released once the purchaser has happily received the artwork.

Although Plexus Gallery is hosting this fundraiser, entry is open to all artists who wish to contribute, however we reserve the right to accept or reject work for whatever reason.

Thank you for your willingness to support Armenians during these difficult days!

Many thanks again from Sona, Joanna and Billy!
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