A View from the Edge

An exhibition of paintings by Paula Payne

4 – 31 July 2024

I continue to develop bodies of work themed from the title, A View from the Edge’ that opened in July 2023’ at the Redlands Art Gallery
Further developments have led me to the edge of watery places drawing attention to the living oceans of the world. ….. These works started in my childhood, when I took long sea journeys with my mother to and from England and visited lands I’d only imagined, and they’ve continued to develop as memory-maps that also trace the parameters of global environmental anxiety. Visions informed by large spaces of land and water, and the infinity of the night sky are of particular interest and were formed during this time.
I continue my interest in landscape through the lens of personal history, as well as the history of landscape painting. While painting land and sea I consider how the impact of the Anthropocene affects the ways we relate to land and sea – or to Country – or to place. But this series of paintings also belies my interest in the processes and materials of painting.
I draw from experiences of living close to the ocean at different times: from places.
Yet they also offer refuge as images that can soothe as much as they can raise concerns. In these works, I consider that how we represent the landscape is a key issue into how we think about and treat the landscape.

Also, Paula is our Featured Artist for July!
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Paula Payne - Float

Acrylic on canvas
101 x 101cm, 2021


Paula is also our featured artist for July!

Paula Payne
Photo: Louis Lim

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